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Sea Buckthorn chain necklace

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Part of our "Re-leaf collection, this piece is an abstract representation of a sea buckthorn leaf, made of wire with a square cross section. A sleek and fashionable chain necklace that harnesses the beauty of nature within its form, this truly lovely leaf necklace is meant to help anyone wearing it feel just a little bit closer to the world around them, no matter their current location.

A piece of jewellery inspired by life, emotions and the true beauty found in the changes that occur in the world around us, no other necklace will ground you to Earth more than these will.

⎔ Re-Leaf Collection: The combination of the prefix "re-", which stands for repetition, and the the word "leaf", assemble the name of the collection.

Re-Leaf is an ambiguous term which symbolises regeneration of nature and the relief that can be found within an achievement as well as the new beginnings that spring from it. 

 Silver 925 gold-plated or platinum-plated

⦿ Dimensions: 8 x 1.2 cm 

⦿ Chain length: approximately 70cm

⦿ Every item is sent in a beautiful kraft paper box, ready to give it as a gift to your beloved ones or yourself!

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Sea Buckthorn Chain Necklace
Sea Buckthorn chain necklace Sale price€72,00