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About Me

All collections are original designs created by myself, Lilian Syrigou, and carefully brought to life using a vast array of materials and metals. Located in Berlin, I create artisan jewelry that is perfect for adding to your jewelry collection, to gift, for dressing up or down and even wedding and bridal jewelry. I offer a variety of earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets that are sure to grab the attention of all of those around you. 

Born and raised in Athens and Syros - an island in the Cyclades, Greece, I studied Jewellery Design in MOKUME School and have been actively involved with art since 2005. 


After a very successful career in Athens, I made a life-changing decision to move to Berlin in 2012 in search for a place that would enhance the quality of my art. I carried my dreams and art to another country, only to evolve into an art of getting carried away! I reached artistic maturity in Berlin and started creating jewellery made of wood, gold-plated bronze, applying minimalist of shape. 

I enjoy working with materials that seem as boundless as my own imagination. One of my projects, “Οne day I‘ll travel the world” bridged the gap between geography and my necklace creations that depict places I have lived in, been to or wish to visit someday.

My ""Re-Leaf" Collection is inspired by life, emotions and the beauty of change that lies around us and within us.
The combination of the prefix "re-", which stands for repetition, and the the word "leaf", assemble the name of the collection.
Re-Leaf is an ambiguous term which symbolizes regeneration of nature and the feeling of relief which comes with an achievement and leads to a new beginning.

Thank you for visiting my shop. Should you ever not see what you are looking for, please reach out to me. I would be happy to work with you on a custom order and/or answer any questions you may have. 

I do hope you love my designs as much as I love creating them for you.