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Beech Leaf earrings (profile version)

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This piece is part of our new "Re-Leaf" collection. It's an abstract representation of a beech leaf, made of brass wire with a square cross section.
A truly sensational set of earrings that allows anyone wearing them to feel closer and more connected to the environment around them, this pair of Real Leaf Earrings is designed to offer a somewhat stylised yet realistic look of this small but essential part of nature, the Beech leaf. Available in two amazing variations, made from 925 silver, and part of our extraordinary “Re-Leaf” collection, these gorgeous accessories are meant to make a statement with any outfit you choose to pair them with. A small symbol of the constant regeneration that nature provides, these truly incredible pieces of jewellery are inspired by life, emotions and the beauty found within their changes. 

 ⎔ These earrings come in 2 variations, according to the position of the stud. This listing refers to the "enface" variation (see photos).

⎔ Re-Leaf" Collection: The combination of the prefix "re-", which stands for repetition, and the the word "leaf", assemble the name of the collection.
Re-Leaf is an ambiguous term which symbolises regeneration of nature and the feeling of relief which comes with an achievement and leads to a new beginning.
This collection is inspired by life, emotions and the beauty of change that lies around us and within us.  

Material: Silver 925 Or Brass

Finish: Platinum-Plated, 24K Gold-Plated or Black Rhodium-Plated

⦿ Dimensions
6.4 x 3 cm 

⦿ Every item is sent in a beautiful kraft paper box, ready to give it as a gift to your beloved ones or yourself!

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Beech Leaf earrings 1
Beech Leaf earrings (profile version) Sale price€65,00