Gravity - Art Exhibition

Atelier Kunst-Moment will be hosting the art exhibition: "Gravity". The exhibition will be held from the 17th till the 19th of June.Opening: 16 June, 19.0017-19/6: Individual visit -possible by appointment only! ( / 015224139492)


Sabine Ammer (painting)
Cathérine Kuebel (drawing & installation)
Lilian Syrigou (jewellery installation)


Art space:
Atelier Kunst-Moment - Boddinstr. 9, 12053, Berlin


This presentation examines in three artistic positions influences and impacts of GRAVITY – as painting, jewellery object, drawing and installation.

A manifold horizon splits the “instant” between (gravitational) pull and escape (centrifugal force): a pull of gravity, the centre of celestial bodies, a “true” orbit. A rippled (time bent) undulating effort, lifted or annulled, a kind of melding and expansion that is drifting apart.A fundamental force that joins life together as well as tears it apart, that holds, accelerates, nails down, weighs down und encases. Falling, taking flight.