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Self-confidence Mala Bracelet


Introducing our "Self-Confidence" Mala Bracelet, a fusion of yellow agate and sponge coral. Wear it as a constant reminder of your determination, mental clarity, and self-assurance on your journey of personal growth.

The Mala Bracelet signifies spiritual balance with 18 carefully chosen, hand-knotted beads. The Guru Stone embodies wisdom, fostering a deep connection during meditation. A graceful tassel adds unity, and the adjustable macramé end ensures a perfect fit.

Materials: yellow agate, sponge coral

Length: 17 cm 

Bead diameter: 8mm

Cut: Round

Tassel: 3cm

Yellow Agate has all the properties of Agate, with the additional properties of the colour yellow, which include increased willpower, concentration, memory and logic. Use Yellow Agate on the Solar Plexus Chakra to help you gain more self-confidence as well as the ability to learn from your past mistakes.

(Element: Sun / Zodiac sign: Gemini / Solar Plexus Chakra)

Sponge coral is a good aid for meditation or visualisation. Coral can reduce stress and fears and combats foolishness, nervousness, fear, depression, panic and nightmares.The red coral has purifying and vitality-related virtues. Coral acts as a protector of negative energies and acts as a revelation for the field of meditation and concentration. It soothes the body and strengthens its perception capacities, allowing a better relaxation of the body and a beneficial concentration. 

*Sponge corals are not on the endangered species list. 

(Element: Water/ Zodiac sign: Taurus, Pisces/ Heart Chakra)


What is a mala and how to use it?

Malas are commonly used in yoga and meditation, but they can be used in everyday-wear as a powerful accessory.

The term ‘mala’ is a Sanskrit word for “meditation garland.”

In the yogic tradition the beads are used in japamala practice to recite mantras in meditation (Japa means “to recite”).

Every item is sent in a beautiful kraft paper box, ready to hand it out as a gift to your beloved ones or yourself!

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